Admission details On Show day:
Adults: €10
Children under 14 years are free, if accompanied by an Adult.


Catalogues will be on sale from Catalogue Booths at various locations on the Showgrounds.

Catering on site

Bar Facilities will be provided on site, award winning catering service. Hot and cold meals available. The bar will be centrally located.


Catering will be providing the Catering facilities on site.

Information Points

A number of information boards, sponsors listings and site maps will be located at a number of key points throughout the Showgrounds.

Lost Children

We would encourage everyone to have an agreed plan in place, in case children get separated from their minders. A good idea is to write the minders mobile number on the child’s hand, in case they get separated in the crowds. When all else fails, we will have the details announced from the Secretary’s Office at the H.Q.

Lost and Found

Just another of the many functions centered at the Secretary’s office!

MAPS – what is where?

There will be a number of maps on boards throughout the Showgrounds.

Medical Centre

Emergency services will be provided at a few locations and also near the HQ. If needing attention,contact should be made with any of the Safety Officers, who will in turn make contact with the emergency services. Everyone should take care and help to ensure that we have a safe and accident free visit to the Show. Please keep in mind that there are a lot of animals on the move around the Show.

Meeting Point

There will be a high Meeting Point sign, located opposite the Secretary’s office. This location may be of help when making plans to meet your friends.

Membership of the Society

We are always delighted to welcome new members to the Show Society. Anyone wishing to join should make contact with the secretary’s office.


We hope that all the mobile networks have good coverage, as maximum output has been requested from your network provider. Please be careful with your mobile phone, as there are usually a number of phones lost at the Show.

Pwd / Wheelchair users

There will be limited parking on the showgrounds for people with physical disabilities. The special passes are required to access the area.


While we are delighted to see you at any time, we would encourage you to come early and allow yourself plenty of time to see and enjoy all the activities of our vast programme of events. There will certainly be something for everyone. See the timetables for further details.


Toilets are located at several points on the Showground’s – see map.

Traffic Plans

We have worked closely with the Gardai to make sure that we will have a free flowing traffic system in place. All routes will be well sign posted and we would ask motorists to follow the routes indicated. Only Exhibitors, Judges, stewards and people with special passes will be allowed acess on to the showgrounds. All vehicle windscreen stickers should be clearly displayed, so as to avoid delay in the traffic flow.