Rules Regulations

Rules of the show

On the day of the show, rules and regulations will be available in the secretary’s office in the show grounds

1. Intending Exhibitors are requested to read the rules carefully and not to enter an exhibit unless they are prepared to comply with all Show regulations.

2. No entry will be accepted unless submitted on the official printed forms and accompanied by the full fee. Postal Orders / Cheques to be made payable to Athlone Agri-Show Festival.

3. All Certificates of Entry must be accurately filled in with every particular and signed by the exhibitor or agent. They must be lodged with / or sent by post to the Show Secretary together with the Entry Fee. Each exhibitor or agent must be prepared to verify every statement on the certificate of entry in any manner the Committee may require

4. All particulars required in the entry form must be fully and accurately stated, otherwise the exhibitor is liable to be disqualified and may be excluded from the show.

5. An exhibitor may enter the same exhibit in more than one class in the animal section provided the necessary entry fee is paid in each class (unless otherwise stated).

6. The acceptance of an entry fee by Company will not be regarded as an admission that an exhibit is eligible to compete or receive an award.

7. The Committee reserves the right to refuse an entry without being liable for compensation and without the obligation to explain its decision.

8. Entries are accepted only on the understanding that there be no appeal beyond the Committee of the Show. The Committee’s decision shall be final in any matter of dispute arising from or in connection with an entry for the show.

9. Persons entering an exhibit and failing to send same for the exhibition will forfeit the entry fee. No refund of entry fees whatsoever.

10 All exhibits must be bona fide property of the person in whose name the entry is made.

11. All stock is to be classified by age, which will be calculated from 1st January from the year of birth. The rules of the Royal Dublin Society as to detention shall be applied in the case of dispute as to the age of horse, cattle or sheep.

12. Purebred Cattle means cattle entered for entry in the herd book of representative breeds. Pedigree name and tattoo number to be stated on the entry form and also in the case of bulls the number of the sire in the herd book and the breeding of the dam must be set out in the entry form.

13. Each exhibitor shall be solely responsible for any consequential or other loss, injury or damage done to or occasioned by or arising out of any animal or article exhibited by him or her for its description given in the catalogue and by entering indemnifies the Company against all legal and other proceedings in regard thereto, howsoever arising.

14. Exhibitors will be held responsible for the behavior of their servants and agents and for the consequences of any miss-conduct of such servants or agents.

15. Neither the Company nor any of its officers, servants or agents shall damage harm or injury, howsoever arising to exhibitors or to their servants or agents or to any exhibit or property into the showground.

16. A ring in the nose must properly secure each bull exhibited.

17. The Company reserve to itself the power to reject or cause to be removed any animal or exhibit from the Show Grounds without being held liable for compensation.

18. Exhibitors are to understand that, although every reasonable precaution will be taken to ensure the safety and welfare of any animal exhibited, the Committee will not be responsible for accidents of any kind that may occur. Neither will the Committee be whether exhibitor, spectator or otherwise.

19. Prize Colors: 1st Prize: Red; 2nd Prize: Blue; 3rd Prize: Yellow.

20. Prizes will be awarded in class where sufficient merit, but the Judges may withhold a prize where sufficient merit does not exist, the decision of the Judges will be final, except in the case s of fraud, misrepresentation, substitution or other breaches of the rules where the decision of the Executive Committee shall be final. Unless 3 entries are received no 2nd prize will be awarded, unless

5 entries are received no 3rd prize will be awarded in any one class in the horse and cattle section. In other sections, no 2nd prize unless there are 4 entries and 3rd prize unless there are 6 entries.

21. In the Livestock Section – any class for which only one entry is received will be cancelled.

22. All exhibits must bear their labels otherwise the stewards will refuse them.

23. Cattle will be unloaded / loaded in specially designated areas by their handler in the interest of safety.

24. All animals must conform to current regulations.

25. No exhibitor shall be permitted to enter the enclosure in which an entry is being judged unless he is in immediate charge of an exhibit himself. Any person infringing this rule will be disqualified from receiving any prizes in such classes unless such entry can be justified to the satisfaction of the Committee.

26. Judging will be carried out in accordance with classification and exhibitors are requested to have stock ready when called upon by the steward.

27. All prizes disallowed or not awarded belong to the Company.

28. No steward can officiate in a section if such steward is an exhibitor in the class under adjudication.

29. All animals in the horses and pony classes may be measured to provide the height before they receive their rosettes.

30. The Committee reserves the right to amalgamate classes if there are insufficient entries, without being responsible for compensation.

31. The Committee has the power to disqualify any sheep, which is considered to be colored other than use, of ordinary non-bloom dips, free from other colored matter.

32. The Company reserves the right to postpone definitely or indefinitely without being responsible for compensation to exhibitors.

33. Persons awarded cups / trophies offered for competition at the Show shall deliver them to the Secretary in as good condition as they received them not later than one calendar month prior to the date of the next show.

34. Receipts must be signed for all Cups, Shields, or Statuettes awarded.

35. The Company reserves the right to refuse admission to the Show Grounds.

36. Should any matter arise not provided for in these rules and regulations it shall be referred to the Executive Committee whose decision shall be final and from which there shall be no appeal. Entries are only accepted on those conditions.

37. Objections: Any objection on points of disqualification etc to an award, must be lodged by an exhibitor in the class in which the award was made with the Secretary in writing, no later than 4.00 p.m. on day of the show accompanied by a fee of €10 for each objection. The fee or fees lodged will be forfeited in cases where the objection or objections is or are considered frivolous.

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